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I am very passionate about Egyptian Raqs Sharqi and Egyptian Folklore.  So many great dancers came out of Egypt between the 1930's-1980's; casting an everlasting impression on those of us who have been fortunate enough to see even a glimpse of their artistry.  My personal aspiration is to take all the fascinating and wonderful elements of their dance, make it my own, and continue to be a part of keeping their legacy alive.


As dancers, and especially as teachers, we have a great responsibility to preserve the integrity of our art form. I strive to concentrate on the elegance, authenticity, technique and inherent fun of Egyptian cultural dances.  I choose to focus on quality of movement -- understanding the music, knowing what to do when and why -- and sharing that knowledge with students who are interested in taking their dance to the next level.

Current Workshop / Class Topics include:



*Oriental Entrance  Piece:  Set Choreography OR Choreography Improv Lab


*Tabla Solo


*Saiidi (with or without assaya /cane)


*Eskanderani (with or without meleya)




*Orientale Classique 


*Turns, Transitions & Combos


*How to Choreograph to Music--Listening to the Musical Cues 




*Pop or Shaabi 


*Folklore Cocktail


*Ballet For Belly Dancers Series


Oriental Entrance Piece:

Set Choreography OR Choreography Improv Lab



Listening to musical cues, travelling steps, accents, knowing when to move and when to stay in place.


The entrances we make are the most important thing we can do when making a great first impression --

 and keeping the audience with you every second of the journey! 


Students will be guided through recognizing musical cues as well as utilizing a variety of vocabulary

to interpret the different segments of the song.  We will listen to the music, and learn how to

identify phrases, repeats, accents, changes, and variations of phrases.


If the choreography is set, the dancers will understand WHY the elements are placed where they are. 

If there are places for improvisation, the class will be guided to choose the elements which are most appropriate for the musical representation.

A veil may be used at the beginning of piece, but is not required.

Handouts are available, but we will be working on the concept of how to dance to the entrance,

and even if you forget the choreography, or later choose to improvise to the music,

you will feel confident in making a great first impression!

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