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I am very passionate about Egyptian Raqs Sharqi and Egyptian Folklore.  So many great dancers came out of Egypt between the 1930's-1980's; casting an everlasting impression on those of us who have been fortunate enough to see even a glimpse of their artistry.  My personal aspiration is to take all the fascinating and wonderful elements of their dance, make it my own, and continue to be a part of keeping their legacy alive.


As dancers, and especially as teachers, we have a great responsibility to preserve the integrity of our art form. I strive to concentrate on the elegance, authenticity, technique and inherent fun of Egyptian cultural dances.  I choose to focus on quality of movement -- understanding the music, knowing what to do when and why -- and sharing that knowledge with students who are interested in taking their dance to the next level.

Current Workshop / Class Topics include:



*Oriental Entrance  Piece:  Set Choreography OR Choreography Improv Lab


*Tabla Solo


*Saiidi (with or without assaya /cane)


*Eskanderani (with or without meleya)




*Orientale Classique 


*Turns, Transitions & Combos


*How to Choreograph to Music--Listening to the Musical Cues 




*Pop or Shaabi 


*Folklore Cocktail


*Ballet For Belly Dancers Series



Folklore Cocktail


All Levels 


Vanessa will cover up to 5 types of dances, discuss the music,

appropriate costuming, go over the basic steps, and teach a short combo for each of them

to give the students a further understanding of each topic and concept. 


Topics can include: 

*  Shamadan  (no Shamadan nescessary)  *  Nubian  *  Falahy  *  Gawazee

*  Eskenderani (meleya or veil would be helpful)  *  Saiidi  *  Bambouti  *  Shaabi


Sample some of the dances you don't see or have a reason to practice every day!


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