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MOHAMED SHAHIN    "Dance Like An Egyptian   Vol 4"    Featuring  VANESSA  Teaching Assistant

In conjunction with the release of Mohamed Shahin's newest companion CD to Dance Like An Egyptian Vol 4: “AHLAM”

Tabla Plyer: Hamdy Elkhayat


Mohamed’s Costumes by:

Ibrahim Ahmed, Eman Zaki and Golden Lotus


Vanessa’s Costumes by Eman Zaki

Vanessa's Classwear by Gamila Couture NYC:

Raspberry Mermaid Pant Ensemble, Black Ruffle Mermaid Pants

Mohamed Shahin’s newest instructional DVD

“Dance Like An Egyptian Volume 4”

and companion CD "Ahlam"

have been released and are now ready to order! 


"Dance Like an Egyptian Instructional Volume 4"

with it's  companion CD entitled “AHLAM”

offers three different choreographies,

each with it’s own specific style and feeling.


First, we will be working on a Spicy Baladi with accordion song “Banat Baladi.”  Second, we will focus

on a Modern Egyptian Oriental piece, “Amara.”

And third, by popular demand, we’re gonna have fun with a very playful Cairo Style Shaabi song.

“Shaghelni Behobak.” 


With these 3 dances, you will definitely be…

Dancing like an Egyptian!


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